Apex Legends x Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Event Gameplay Trailer Showcases the Buster Sword

Apex Legends x Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Respawn Entertainment’s first major event for Apex Legends in 2024 runs from January 9th to 30th, and it’s a tie-up with Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. A special Takeover will be available instead of unranked Battle Royale as players utilize Materia Hop-Ups, the Buster Sword R2R5 and more. Check it out below.

The Buster Sword is for more than show – it has Light and Heavy Attacks, a dash and a block for damage reduction. All these actions fuel the Limit Break gauge for unleashing Omnislash on some hapless opponent. Materia Hop-Ups appear randomly and via Cactuar Ticks, providing passive effects like HP recovery through damage, analyzing an enemy’s health, etc.

The trade-off is that you can only equip certain weapons with Materia Hop-Ups. There are 36 cosmetics to collect via Event Packs, including sticker sets, Iconic skins for Horizon and Newcastle, and even the Buster Sword R5 as a Mythic Melee cosmetic that can be equipped universally on all characters. It won’t have any special effects or abilities but looks sleek.

Of course, collecting all cosmetics will confer the One-Winged Angel Death Box, which provides a new cosmetic that any character can equip. Head here for more details on the event.

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