MSI is Teasing a Steam Deck Competitor to be Revealed at CES 2024

Steam Deck OLED

With the Consumer Electronics Show 2024 right around the corner, MSI has started teasing its own take on a handheld gaming PC in the vein of Valve’s Steam Deck. The company released a teaser video on Instagram that gives us a brief glimpse at what could be the next major handheld gaming PC to hit the market.

While no real details have been revealed through the video—the company hasn’t even confirmed its name yet—what appears to be two analogue sticks on either side of the device, as well as some of its cooling vents are visible. The video wraps things up by showing the MSI logo on the device, and teasing that more details will be revealed at CES 2024.

MSI is the third major company that traditionally sells PC gaming hardware to take on the handheld gaming PC market, following Asus with its ROG Ally, and more recently, Lenovo with the Legion Go. There have also been offerings from smaller hardware makers, including a variety of releases from Ayaneo.

Valve itself recently released a refresh of the Steam Deck, featuring a few minor improvements and an upgraded OLED display.

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