Destiny 2: The Final Shape – How to Get Still Hunt, Ergo Sum, Microcosm and Khvostov 7G-0X

Destiny 2 The Final Shape - Still Hunt

Destiny 2: The Final Shape offers some pretty excellent Exotic weapons, but they each take some work to obtain. Here are all of their related quests and how to get them. Be warned that at least one requires other players to help out.

How to Get Ergo Sum

The new Exotic Sword Ergo Sum is unique since it fits in the Exotic slot and can roll with random perks. First, get the “Destined Heroes” quest from Ghost, then check the radio to get the quest, “Queens, Part 1.” Speak to Cayde-6 and Micah-10 to pick up some other unrelated but still important quests. Now speak to Ghost, who tasks you with two more quests related to Ergo Sum – “Found in the Dark” and “Lost in the Light.”

These give more Prismatic abilities and provide some background on Zavala and Crow. After finishing “Queens, Part 2,” return to the city once more to talk to Ghost, get the Dyadic Prism and go to the Sacraium’s new landing zone to claim Ergo Sum.

Completing nodes in Pathfinder will give you two randomly rolled Ergo Sums weekly. It also randomly drops from the matchmade version of Overthrow.

How to Get Still Hunt

Hunter Golden Gun in a single weapon is hard to refuse. After finishing “Queens, Part 1,” you’ll get the Wild Card mission from Cadye-6. It’s a mission involving Crow and Cayde, but it’s very straightforward. Follow all the instructions to complete it and return to the Lost City. Speak with Cadye, and Still Hunt is yours.

How to Get Microcosm

First, complete the “Queens, Part 1” quest. You would have acquired “Convalescence: Rootbound” from Micah-10, which involves finding the second Lost Ghost in the Forgotten Deep Lost Sector (head here for more details). “Convalescence: Underbrush” involves collecting two Flickering Blessings from the Pale Heart.

Complete two Pathfinder objectives and open their chests to get them. Next is “Convalescence: Greenery”, where you must open chests in Overthrow (ignore the chests that need Mending). Investigate the Sword Dance Cyst in The Refraction by following the glowing bird.

Finally, you need to complete “Convalescence: Budding.” It involves playing three missions – Ascent, Dissent and Iconoclasm – in Cooperative Focus Mode with two other players. Hit up Fireteam Finder and learn the mechanics, from Glyphtouched and slaying Berserkers to passing the Fractured debuff between you. Return to Micah-10 and receive the Microcosm afterwards.

How to Get Khvostov 7G-0X

First, collect all the Region Chests. They’re visible on your map with three in The Landing, three in The Blooming Region and three in The Impasse. Each gives a Lost Encryption Bit. Next, you must investigate the Cysts discovered during the quest steps for Micah-10’s “Alone in the Dark.” Look for scrap piles in all six.

Aerial Ace has one past the lava cavern in the boss room. Moth-Infested Cavern’s bit is below the platform where you fight the Ogre. Searing Light has one in a purple-ish cave. Slayer is available after defeating the boss in a cave with some trees. Smothering Darkness has one in a cave with a crystal next to the boss. Sword Dance is just before the Ogre and requires jumping down from the entrance to the hall leading to it.

With all the bits combined into a single key, go inside the Cosmodrome wall from The Impasse and open the chest to get the Legendary version. Now you need Motes of Light to make it Exotic. You can get these by slaying all the Overthrow bosses at level 4 and locating Visions of the Traveler. Check out all their locations below. Travel to the Speaker’s Corner in the Lost City, place the Motes of Light and open the chest to get the Khvostov 7G-0X.

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