WWE 2K24 Guide – Everything You Need to Know to Master MyFaction

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WWE 2K24 features several changes and new additions to its modes, but MyFaction has arguably seen the biggest revamp with the new Faction Wars. How do you get to card collecting, evolving and unlocking those valuable Persona cards and dominate the new mode? It’s a lot easier than it seems and doesn’t require spending any money (as long as you’re not a completionist). Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Tips and Tricks for Success in WWE 2K24’s MyFaction

Complete MyRise and 2K Showcase

First of all, finish the new MyRise and Showcase Modes. MyRise’s “Unleashed” storyline contains Ruby cards for Asuka, John Cena and Batista, among other rewards. Showcase is more rewarding as it features Ruby cards of Shawn Michaels ’94, Bianca Belair, Charlotte Flair, Rhea Ripley and Ricky Steamboat (head here for tips on completing it quickly). They’re not the absolute best cards but more than enough to get rolling. Complete the Performance Center’s Tutorials as well, since they give a free Superstars Series 1 Pack.

Live Events

Live Events are also a source of powerful rewards, but they’re time-limited. They usually involve wrestling specific groups and earning MyFaction Points by completing specific objectives. Nevertheless, the rewards are worth it, from MyFaction Points and Oddities (used to complete Persona Cards) to Apex Rewards like Ruby cards. This past week offered a Ruby Becky Lynch, for example, and would make a great addition to anyone’s lineup.

Complete Challenges

It wouldn’t be a live service-style mode without challenges to complete. MyFaction offers Daily Challenges that last 24 hours, but there are also Lifetime Challenges, which are always available and take more time to complete. Pursue both to earn MyFaction Points, Tokens, Cards and much more.

Loyalty Rewards

Of course, you’ll receive rewards for logging in, including MyFaction Points, Tokens, and Faction War Tickets (more on that in a bit). The reward varies daily, but they can add up over the long run. If you log in five days a week, you can claim Loyalty Rewards like card packs, further adding to your collection.

Maximizing Faction Wars Credits

Faction Wars has undergone a fundamental shift this year. It’s now more like a rogue-like, Slay the Spire-style run through various nodes containing different battles and bonuses, culminating in a boss fight. You need Faction War Tickets for runs, earned from daily logins but mostly from playing MyFaction mode.

When selecting your faction, pay close attention to the rarity of the cards since they cumulatively add a bonus to the Credits earned. The main goal is to maximize the amount of Credits from a run to spend on purchasing new cards, including some of the bosses encountered during runs. The higher the rarity, the costlier they’ll be. However, given how powerful some of their badges are (like Rabble Rouser, which grants a finisher on your second successful taunt), they’re well worth the grind.

You can choose several paths to start in a run, but it’s best to go for the routes that have the most Muscle and Heart nodes. These grant a fair amount of Faction War Credits, and since your objective is to beat the Faction Boss, skipping matches is advised. If you end up in one, try to win it as quickly as possible.

In a 4v4 match, for example, single out a single opponent, make their teammates use their interference and then score the pinfall to win quickly. If it’s a Ladder match, knock down your opponents and scale the ladder as quickly as possible to end it. Don’t waste too much time since you need to preserve that core Vitality for the long run.

Avoid the Choice Nodes whenever possible. They randomly increase attributes for a random Superstar but have a chance of causing a core loss in Vitality in them instead. The higher the attribute increase, the more the Vitality loss. The risk vs reward is not worth it unless you desperately need to replenish core Vitality.

After beating the Faction Boss, you can add them to your current run’s lineup, which is different from unlocking them permanently. Skip them if they don’t add anything worthwhile and claim those guaranteed Credits.

There are five stages in total for a single Faction Wars run. Remember: Losing a single match will end the current run, so be careful. Don’t try to push through for more Credits if your Vitality is suffering. If you want to suspend a run and pick it back up later (as long as it’s not in the middle of a match), you can do that.

Choosing a Manager

A final tip – choose the appropriate Manager card to augment your faction with bonus attributes. How well they’ll work depends on compatibility, ranging from Excellent to Bad, but you also want to keep Manager Styles in mind. If your team consists of Strikers, then an Aggressive Style is best, while Ruthless works better with Powerhouses, Cunning with Technicians and Flashy with High Fliers.

WWE 2K24 is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC. Check out our review here.

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