Eriksholm: The Stolen Dream Is A New Stealth Game From Former Mirror’s Edge, Battlefield Developers

Publisher Nordcurrent Labs and newcomer developer River End Games have revealed Eriksholm: The Stolen Dream, a narrative-driven stealth-strategy adventure game launching next year. Revealed during today’s Future Game Show Summer Showcase, Eriksholm comes from a team of developers whose experience includes Battlefield, Mirror’s Edge, Little Nightmares, and Unravel. 

Set in the titular Eriksholm, a fictional city inspired by a Nordic aesthetic of the early 1900s, Eriksholm follows three protagonists united in their hearts to defy their oppressors. In the reveal trailer below, you can see one of those protagonists, Hanna, an adolescent orphan searching for her brother Herman. That journey transforms Hanna into a reluctant hero, inspiring herself and her friends to rise from the gutters of Eriksholm to become symbols of change. 

Check it out for yourself in the Eriksholm: The Stolen Dream reveal trailer below

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From Eriksholm’s top-down 3D perspective, players will control the game’s three protagonists to navigate through the city (aboveground and underground) while utilizing unique character skills, tools, weapons, and more to overcome enemies and complete puzzles. River End Games says players can freely move the in-game camera to survey the environment, plan their next steps, and execute strategies with perfect timing. 

“All of us at River End Games are proud to finally reveal Eriksholm: The Stolen Dream to the world,” studio founder and creative director Anders Hejdenberg writes in a press release. “This is just the first glimpse of what we’ve done, and we hope it will capture your hearts and minds, just like it has captured ours. We can’t wait to show you even more in the future.” 

Here are some screenshots from the game

Eriksholm: The Stolen Dream will launch in 2025 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC (via Steam and the Epic Games Store). 

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