Dragon’s Dogma 2 Guide – How to Increase Inventory Capacity – All Known Golden Trove Beetles Locations

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In typical RPG fashion, Dragon’s Dogma 2 simulates encumbrance or carry weight, which can severely limit the inventory capacity of both player character and Pawns. The solution to this problem is the Golden Trove Beetle, an Implement which when consumed raises the carry capacity by 150 grams, or 0.15 kg for each beetle.

The effect is applied to both you and your Main Pawn, effectively doubling the value.

While you can carry up to 99 of these Golden Trove Beetles, there is no point hoarding them, as they themselves weigh 50 grams, or 0.05 kg each. Instead, consume them immediately and gain their benefit, tiny as it may seem individually. Eventually it will add up, with some bonuses conferred at certain milestones.

The vendors Angus, and Folkes may stock Golden Trove Beetles for the exorbitant sum of 5000 gold each.

When hunting specifically for Golden Trove Beetles, be sure to do so at night, as their glow stands out much more in the darkness, making them far easier to spot.

As for the general location of Golden Trove Beetles, here is a video with all known locations across Gransys.

[embedded content]

That’s everything we have to share on increasing inventory capacity with Golden Trove Beetles in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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