The First Descendant Guide – How to Farm Gold and Various Crafting Materials

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Money makes the world go round, but in The First Descendant, Gold is your key to almost everything. The main sink is research – whether items like Code Analyzers or a whole Descendant – can cost hundreds of thousands. Every activity in the game will drop Gold as a reward, but what are the best ways to farm it? Furthermore, what’s the best way to farm all the different crafting materials?

How to Farm Gold and Various Crafting Materials

The first and most obvious place to earn some Gold is the Kingston Albion Resource Defense mission from Special Operations. It’s already a great place to level up your Descendants and weapon proficiency while doling out a decent 19,000 Gold as a potential reward for clearing the first seven waves.

However, you can do far better in the late game. After clearing the main quest, set the World Difficulty to Hard and go to Rockfall in the Sterile Land. Look for the first Battlefield Mission near the spawn point, which involves ambushing and exterminating enemies.

With a decent Bunny build and Thunder Cage, you can tear through the spawning waves before they even have a chance to react. You can get thousands of Gold on top of the 12,000 earned from completing the mission, which takes less than a minute. It’s also great for great Kuiper Shards used to upgrade Modules.

Some materials are easy to come by, like those obtained from dismantling weapons and Reactors. However, the rarer stuff, used for higher-level weapons and Descendants, can take longer. Sometimes, you need to go to an Infiltration Operation to get it; other times, it’s within an Amorphous Material, which must be opened.

The best way to farm everything is to use the Access Info menu. Open your map and navigate to the tab (right next to the Journal). It has information on all of the materials and items in the game, plus where to get them. Select the item in question and then the components, if any. Go to Acquisition Info to bring up a list of missions you can do to get them, provided they’re already unlocked.

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