Persona 3 Reload – Episode Aigis: The Answer Launches September 10th

persona 3 reload episode aigis

Persona 3 Reload’s Expansion Pass will see its final wave of content, Episode Aigis: The Answer, arriving on September 10th for all platforms. Check out the latest trailer below, which sees Aigis fighting alongside Metis, her sister.

Set after the base game’s events, Episode Aigis sees the S.E.E.S. stuck in a time loop, with March 31st continuously repeating. It’s up to Aigis, who ventures to the Abyss of Time, to discover what happened. Though it doesn’t make any story changes from Persona 3 FES’s original epilogue, there are new dungeons to explore.

It also carries over all the improvements and enhancements from the base game, from quality of life changes and animation improvements to the new Theurgy attack. Producer Kazuhisha Wada noted that the content is “fine-tuned”, allowing one to become “more emotionally invested with the characters.” Time will tell how that manifests, so stay tuned.

Persona 3 Reload is available for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. It sold one million units in its first week, becoming Atlus’s fastest-selling game ever.

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