Halo Infinite Will No Longer Receive New Seasons

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Before Halo Infinite’s launch, 343 Industries said it would be supporting the game for the next decade. Needless to say, things haven’t quite panned out that way- but just when it looked like the first-person shooter was finally gearing up to make a comeback, 343 Industries has announced that it’s all but slowing down support.

In a recent community livestream, the developer confirmed that it is “shifting away” from Halo Infinite’s current seasonal model for new content. That means that going forward, it won’t be receiving any new seasons. Instead, 343 Industries is adopting an Operations model, something The Master Chief Collection players will be familiar with.

The studio has stressed that it will continue to support Infinite in 2024, but Operations will be smaller updates than seasons, and will arrive once every 4-6 weeks, bringing smaller-scale Battle Passes with 20 tiers of free unlockable rewards. The first of these, Operation Spirit of Fire, will arrive on January 30, bringing new customization options, a new map, and updates to Forge mode.

For many, the natural conclusion to draw from here would be that 343 Industries is ready to slow down its work on Halo Infinite, instead turning its focus to new projects. Sure enough, the studio has confirmed that it has “band-new projects” in the works.

A recent report claimed that Certain Affinity’s battle royale experience for Halo Infinite had also been cancelled. Read more on that through here.

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