Skate’s PC Version Will Also Come to Steam


EA has revealed that its upcoming revival of the Skate franchise, aptly titled Skate, will be coming to Steam alongside its release on EA’s own platform, as well as consoles. The announcement was made through a post on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), with a short clip that you can check out below.

For the sake of context, the studio working on Skate—Full Circle—has been allowing players to try out the game through various play tests available exclusively on the EA App. The game doesn’t even have a Steam store listing at the time of writing.

Full Circle has been releasing regular updates on the development of Skate. Back in July 2023, the studio promised more play tests for the console versions of the game. Considering how early the game still seems to be, however, it is currently unknown when the studio will release a bigger beta or alpha test that invites more players to try the game out.

In the mean time, however, the studio has been releasing videos showcasing the updates to Skate. One such video, released back in June 2023, showed off some sick tricks as well. The closest thing we have to an official release window for Skate is some time after April 2024, according to a quarterly earnings report from May 2023.

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