Gears 6 June Announcement Seemingly Being Teased by JD Fenix Actor – Rumour

Gears of War 4

NOTE: There are spoilers ahead for Gears 5.

Five years on from Gears 5’s launch, fans of the franchise continuing to grow increasingly antsy about when Microsoft and developer The Coalition will finally unveil its next mainline instalment, and more evidence seems to point to an announcement not long from now.

Actor Liam McIntyre, who plays JD Fenix (who was Gears of War 4’s primary protagonist and a key supporting character in Gears 5) seems to have suggested with a recent tweet that Gears 6 will be announced this Summer.

When asked by a fan about whether JD’s death at the end of Gears 5 – which can also be swapped by Del’s death, depending on which of them players choose to save – will be canon as we head into the franchise’s next instalment, McIntyre didn’t provide a specific answer, only stating that he has “no idea”- but added that The Coalition and Microsoft will “tell us all in June”.

Interestingly enough, this aligns with what other recent reports have claimed. Allegedly, Gears 6 is indeed set to be announced at the Xbox Games Showcase, which will supposedly take place on June 9. Of course, until we get official communication, it’s hard to be completely certain, but given how long it’s been since Gears 5 launched, it does feel like it’s about time the franchise re-emerged with a new entry.

Previous leaks have also claimed that Gears 6 will continue to build on its predecessor’s experiment with semi-open world areas, and feature even more open-ended environments.

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