Palworld Crosses 2 Million Copies Sold in 24 Hours


Pocketpair’s Palworld has sold over two million copies within 24 hours of launching into early access. It crossed one million copies sold in its first eight hours or so.

Its peak concurrent player count continues to rise, reaching nearly 300,000 players in its first few hours and then 561,278 about three hours ago, per SteamDB. That places it in 12th place for Steam’s all-time highest concurrent player counts, right above Valheim, Destiny 2, Among Us, Grand Theft Auto 5 and more.

It’s all the more impressive since Palworld was developed over three years with a starting team of four developers. Pocketpair grew in size over time, as did the game’s scale, with the early access launch offering +100 Pals to collect, more than 350 items and a massive world to explore. The developer plans to include PvP, crossplay, a raid boss, player trading, and improvements to the building system, so stay tuned. Check out our review in the meantime.

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