Helldivers 2 Will Seemingly Also Add Vehicles Soon

helldivers 2

With the worst of Helldivers 2’s server issues seemingly behind us, developer Arrowhead Game Studios has got back to focusing on its post-launch plans for the game (which it says it has accelerated and beefed up following the shooter’s unexpected success), and while specific details on those plans have yet to be announced, it seems we’re seeing bits and pieces of it sprinkled into the game already.

It started with a datamine of the game’s files that suggested that Arrowhead would be adding pilotable mechs and a new faction to Helldivers 2 soon, and not long afterward, gameplay clips showing mechs emerged online, with many speculating that players had managed to finagle their way into accessing content that hadn’t been officially released.

Since then, more gameplay clips have surfaced, showcasing even more new content that hasn’t been officially added into the game. Specifically, some players have managed to get their hands on several different vehicle types, including a recon vehicle, an armoured personnel-carrying truck, and an APC that will require the player to driving it change its transmission manually. You can check them all out in the clips below, courtesy of @Mr_Rebs_ on Twitter.

What’s unclear is whether players have been finding ways of accessing unreleased content, or if Arrowhead itself has been randomly sprinkling this in to give the community a taste of what lies ahead for the game. Either way, it does look like mechs and vehicles are on the horizon for Helldivers 2– how long it will be before they get fully and officially added into the game remains to be seen.

Helldivers 2 is available on PS5 and PC. Read our review of the game through here.

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