Skybound Unveils Crowdfunding Plans for AAA Invincible Game


The Invincible IP has seen roaring success with its comic books and the Amazon Prime animated series, and it looks like Skybound Entertainment now has its sights set on video games. The company has announced a crowdfunding campaign that will raise partial funds for the development of a AAA Invincible game.

“Skybound is developing a highly produced, high-octane blood bath that is anything but indie,” the company writes on the crowdfunding page. It adds, “If you follow the show, you can imagine exactly what to expect from this video game: tons of action, stunning game and character design, and of course, a healthy dose of blood.”

Further descriptions of the game seem to suggest it will be a live service experience, with mentions of online and multiplayer components, as well as consistent content additions through DLC and expansions.

“With cutting-edge competitive gameplay, premium production values, and the most advanced online and technical foundations, Invincible will release under a premium model with multiple DLC expansions and special editions designed to cater to every level of fandom,” the crowdfunding page reads. “In both competitive and local play modes, the game is designed to contribute new stories to the Invincible multiverse, enabling future releases, expansions, new character arcs and adventures for years to come.”

The Invincible game’s development is being led by a newly formed in-house AAA studio comprising of over 30 industry veterans with experience at the likes of EA, Activision Blizzard, Amazon Games, Epic Games, and more. The studio is being led by Head of Games Publishing Chris Paulson and EVP of Games Production Patrick Gilmore.

Skybound says developing the Invincible game in-house will allow it to retain complete control of the project, while also ensuring the involvement of a “team of franchise stakeholders”, including Invincible creator Robert Kirkman.

“We are creating a highly coveted game that is guaranteed to have fans of the comic, the global hit TV show, and serious gamers alike, wholly captivated by this first-of-its-kindInvincible experience,” the company says. “Plus, by creating this project in-house, we will reap the benefits of being the IP rights owner, developer, and publisher, providing increased value to our stakeholders.”

Skybound is currently looking for funding of $5 million from this campaign, to add to $18 million it has previously raised from investors and fans, as well as venture capitalist funding. The company also says the Invincible game will be the first of many in-house games it intends to develop based on owned IP (which also includes The Walking Dead).

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