Helldivers 2’s Newest Major Order Wants Players to Eliminate All Automatons

Helldivers 2_03

Helldivers 2’s live service storytelling has been one of the biggest factors contributing to its enduring success, and it looks like the co-op shooter is ready to take another significant step forward in those efforts.

Developer Arrowhead Game Studios has issued a new Major Order, giving the entire Helldivers 2 players a new mission to work towards- and it’s a big one. Your objective is to head into the Trigon Sector and eliminate all Automatons entirely.

“The Helldivers have been ordered to wipe out the Automatons,” says the Major Order. “Operation ‘Swift Disassembly’ starts today. Captive bots have revealed plans for a large-scale attack, prompting high command to order this defensive annihilation.”

The implications on the game’s larger ongoing story should be interesting to see based on how this Major Order plays out. Not that long ago, players got a Major Order to inoculate Terminids entirely with the use of Termicide. The Helldivers 2 community ended up failing that major order, but if players should succeed this time, that could potentially mean an entire faction being eliminated from the game.

Then again, there have been rumblings of a third faction looming on the horizon, so maybe thinning the crowd won’t be such a bad idea.

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