Homeworld 3 War Games Demo is Available Now Until February 12th

homeworld 3 fleet

With the Steam Next Fest kicking off, Blackbird Interactive has released a demo for Homeworld 3, its upcoming space-faring real-time strategy. It’s available to download on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store until February 12th at 10 AM PT, with roguelike mode War Games available.

The mode sees players taking on randomized combat challenges across four maps, using Artifacts to improve their ships (like the Precision Artifact causing all Recon Vision bonuses to increase damage). Perform well, and new fleets will become available. War Games also supports up to three players in co-op with Quick Match and lobby functions available.

Artifacts and Fleets unlocked from the demo will carry over to Homeworld 3 when it launches on March 8th. More details on the transfer process are coming later, so stay tuned (and keep your demo save data if Steam Cloud saves aren’t enabled). Head here for more information on War Games.

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