Nintendo Switch 2 is Larger Than the Switch, Features Magnetic Joy-Cons – Rumour

nintendo switch oled

Nintendo has still yet to unveil the successor to the Switch, but the Japanese company’s next-gen console continues to be the subject of rumours and leaks. A new report published by Spanish outlet Vandal has now also allegedly revealed new details on the upcoming console.

Claiming to have received information on the Nintendo Switch 2 (or whatever it ends up being called) from accessory manufacturers, the report says the console is going to be larger in size than the current Switch, though smaller than the Steam Deck. This aligns with previous reports that have claimed that the Switch 2 will launch with an 8-inch LCD screen (as opposed to the base Switch’s 6.2-inch display and the Switch OLED’s 7-inch display).

As per Vandal, though the Switch 2’s form factor will be largely similar in its hybrid nature and detachable Joy-Cons to that of its predecessor, the Joy-Cons themselves will take a slightly different form. Rather than slotting into the console with rails as they do in the current Switch, the Switch 2’s Joy-Cons will allegedly be attached to the console magnetically. The report claims that this means the next-gen console won’t feature compatibility with the current Switch’s Joy-Cons- though allegedly, it will be compatible with the Switch Pro Controller.

The report further adds that there’s still no confirmation about whether or not backward compatibility will be supported, but prior leaks have claimed that the console will indeed feature support for both digital and physical backward compatibility.

As per Vandal, the Switch 2 is targeting release sometime in early 2025. It’s claimed that though the hardware itself is ready to hit shelves, Nintendo is holding back its launch to have a stronger lineup of games upon release, all of which has been claimed in previous reports as well.

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