Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Leaks Show Cut Symbiote Bosses – Rumour

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

NOTE: There are spoilers ahead for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Insomniac Games’ massive data breach last month resulted in millions of stolen files being leaked online, and though many of them contained details of the developer’s plans for future games over several years to come, previously unknown details about some of its prior releases also emerged – including the most recent one in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

More of those have now become available, in fact, spilling the beans on several villains that were originally planned to appear in the game as bosses before being cut from the experience. Screenshots, renders, concept art, and more have leaked, revealing that multiple Symbiote villains were originally supposed to appear in the game- namely, this would have included Riot, Lasher, Agony, and Phage.

Another leaked file also indicates that Venom was originally supposed to enter the game’s story in its second act (as opposed to its final one), and would have done so in an arc that would have revolved around separation anxiety. What’s more, apparently, there’s also evidence that seems to suggest that the Life Foundation would also have had a role to play.

Ultimately, none of those ideas ended up being used in the final game, but with leaks also having revealed that Insomniac Games will be releasing Marvel’s Venom in 2025, one has to wonder whether some of that cut content will end up seeing the light of day sooner rather than later anyway.

Back in November, actor Tony Todd – who provided the voice for Venom in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 – stated that only 10% of the dialogue he had recorded had been used in the final game. Read more on that through here.

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