Multiplatform Releases Considered for Gears, Flight Simulator, DOOM; No Final Decision Yet – Rumour

gears 5

Following two weeks of rumours spreading like wildfires, with a recent episode of the Official Xbox Podcast, Microsoft calmed fears that it was headed towards a fully multiplatform future, confirming that though four games (that haven’t yet been named) are indeed coming to rival platforms, major flagship releases like Starfield and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle are going to remain Xbox exclusives (though the possibility of them, too, eventually making the jump cannot be fully discounted).

As many have guessed in the hours that have passed since Microsoft unveiled these plans, however, it seems like the company may have more than the four unnamed titles planned for multiplatform releases. That’s as per The Verge, with a report on the outlet claiming that Microsoft has also been “weighing up” multiplatform releases for Gears of War, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and the next DOOM game (rumoured to be titled DOOM Year Zero), and that a final decision regarding those games has yet to be made- which means there’s a chance that they do eventually end up on PlayStation or Switch in the future.

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, Gears of War was one of several major Xbox games rumoured to be part of the company’s multiplatform plans, while similar claims were also made for Indiana Jones– though the latter, at least, has been dispelled by Microsoft (at least for the time being).

It’s also unknown what the four games that will be going multiplatform are going to be, though reports have claimed they are Hi-Fi Rush, Pentiment, Grounded, and Sea of Thieves.

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