Overwatch 2 Season 10 Roadmap Revealed, Mirrorwatch Starts April 23rd

Overwatch 2 - Venture

Alongside the gameplay trailer for Overwatch 2’s tenth season, Venture Forth, Blizzard Entertainment has released a roadmap outlining dates for the upcoming content. It kicks off on April 16th with the arrival of Venture, a new Damage dealer who burrows underground and dashes through enemies with their Smart Drill.

Best of all, they’re unlocked immediately – no more grinding through the Battle Pass or having to purchase the Premium Pass. The limited-time trial of Clash, an upcoming mode where players capture points to push further into their opponent’s territory, will also start on the same day. Meanwhile, Mirrorwatch (also time-limited) begins on April 23rd and showcases a universe where Talon and Overwatch have opposite allegiances, complete with reworked hero abilities.

The only other dated event is the Overwatch Championship Series Dallas Major on May 31st, with a new Hanzo skin incoming. Otherwise, the return of Pride, an Overwatch 2 x Porsche collaboration, and the upcoming Wrecking Ball rework have no dates. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

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