Homeworld 3 Advance Access is Live, New Overview Trailer Released

Homeworld 3

Blackbird Interactive’s Homeworld 3 launches on May 13th exclusively on PC, but those with Fig Backer Edition or the Fleet Command Edition can start playing now. A new overview trailer is also available to highlight what RTS fans can expect. Check it out below.

Set after the events of Homeworld 2, the sequel sees the Hiigarans at war with a new threat in The Anomaly. With a new mothership and Imogen S’jet as its Navigator, players embark on a journey through the system, fending off attacks, collecting resources, building new units and more. New units are unlocked as the campaign progresses, though you can also capture enemy ships and deploy them as your own.

Homeworld 3 adds several new features with the classic formula, from cover mechanics via derelict gateways to ship abilities that can turn the tides. It also features a new rogue-like mode, War Games, which supports up to three players in co-op. Check out our feature for more details.

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