Overwatch 2 Season 9: Champions Trailer Showcases Competitive Changes, Teases Cowboy Bebop Collab

Overwatch 2 Season 9 Champions

Blizzard Entertainment revealed the first trailer for Overwatch 2’s next season, Champions, which includes multiple changes to Competitive Play. Check it out below.

Some changes include a rank reset, viewing one’s Competitive progress during a match and a new rank – Champion. You can also unlock new Jade Weapon skins to show off on different characters. Thankfully, there’s content for non-Competitive players, like the new Cosmic Crisis co-op event, which teases some horrifying new skins.

This includes the Ancient Caller Mythic Skin for Moira, available in the new Battle Pass. A new Hero Mastery mode, Gauntlet, allows players to team against waves of enemies in a pseudo-tower defense. Finally, there’s a tease of the next collaboration, as the familiar opening of Cowboy Bebop plays. Given that Route 66 is shown, perhaps Cassidy will receive a Spike Spiegel skin?

Overwatch 2 Season 9: Champions launches on February 13th, so stay tuned for more details soon.

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