Terminator: Survivors Will be Playable Offline, No Plans for PvP

terminator survivors

The prospect of a survival Terminator game set in a post-apocalyptic open world is one that instantly grabs attention, so it’s no surprise that Terminator: Survivors has turned a few heads since its announcement earlier this year. Developer Nacon Studio Milan has now also revealed new details on the game through an official FAQ page on Steam.

The developer has, for instance, confirmed that though Terminator: Survivors will be fully playable in three-player co-op, those who wish to experience its entire story solo and offline will be able to do so. However, Nacon says there are “no plans” to add PvP multiplayer to the game.

While survival games are usually best played with other players, Terminator: Survivors is also seemingly focusing quite a bit on narrative.

“The game features a rich original storyline alongside secondary storylines and quests, each shedding light on the world’s history and its diverse inhabitants,” Nacon says. “Throughout the journey, players will cross paths with iconic figures from the saga as well as fresh faces, pivotal to this timeline.”

Terminator: Survivors’ open world will also feature a single stalker enemy in the form of a T-800 that will be constantly hunting players. The game will also feature multiple drivable vehicles.

Terminator: Survivor is set to launch for PC in early access on October 24.

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