Persona Franchise Sold Over 5 Million Copies Last Year

persona 3

In its latest earnings report, Sega parent company Sega Sammy has revealed that the Persona franchise has sold 5.06 million copies throughout the last financial year. The sales figure, which accounts for FY 2023 (April 2023 to March 2024), includes both digital as well as physical copies of Persona titles.

The earnings report offers up details on the performance of other Sega franchises as well, revealing that the Sonic series has sold 5.92 million copies in the same time frame. The Like a Dragon series—including the two Judgment games—has sold 5.36 million copies, and taking up last place in the list of major Sega IPs is the Total War series, with 1.91 million copies sold.

Persona developer Atlus is currently rumoured to be working on the next game in the Persona franchise. Colloquially referred to as Persona 6, the game is rumoured to use the colour green as its main theme, contrasting Persona 5‘s use of red, 4‘s use of yellow, and 3‘s use of blue.

There are also rumours from earlier that Like a Dragon, Persona, and Sonic will get turned into annual franchises for Sega going forward.

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