Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Developer Outlines End-Game Content, Infamy Sets and More

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Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League offers an extensive story and co-op, but since this is a looter shooter, how does the end-game shake out? In a Q&A on Discord (via MP1st), game director Axel Rydy offered new details. Describing it as the team wanted to focus on “mastery.”

“Mastery of your character, traversal, Talents, enemy types, mission mechanics and, of course, your choice of build. And as the difficulty increases, you will have to find new builds to overcome the challenge. That’s why we have three distinct Tiers of Infamy Sets in End Game, all themed around an iconic DC character. For launch, that character is Bane, and his Infamy Sets are all themed around different ways of dominating your enemies and harnessing the chaos around you.”

Infamy Sets are like Gear Sets from Diablo 3 or Tom Clancy’s The Division, where equipping pieces grants bonuses. For example, “Spare Parts and Elbow Grease” offers 50 more percent damage to burning enemies with one piece, while the two-piece bonus reduces grenade damage by 50 percent but grants a 100 percent chance to burn enemies. You also release a Diablo Blaze effect when shields go down, burning all enemies in 15 meters every 30 seconds.

As for the end-game activities, Rydy said, “We have a somewhat chaotic game, with a constantly changing battlefield with lots of things going on. The game is frantic and fast-paced, and we’ve purposefully made it feel like the Squad is always surrounded and in the middle of the chaos. Mastery of the game comes from you harnessing that chaos and using it as one of your strengths, turning the very thing Brainiac is throwing at you right back at him.

The end-game revolves around a “core backbone of mission types that provide a more predictable experience and challenge,” seemingly indicating some objectives similar to regular missions. Of course, Brainiac’s strategies will also evolve as you progress into the end-game. “Brainiac keeps evolving his forces throughout End Game, and you must adapt your builds to match this.”

Some of the mission types include Incursion Missions. “The poor Squad is sent into Brainiac’s domain under the protection of a very fickle Promethium Shield that protects you from the Skull Ship’s tentacles, as well as the full force of Brainiac’s army. The Squad have to fight their way through Brainiac’s forces – often with the help of the Support Squad – to make it back to Metropolis.

“But once the mission is complete, the Promethium Shield goes down, so the Squad has to leg it. Waller’s not doing the Squad any favours here, and she seems intent on emphasizing the Suicide in Suicide Mission. Then we have the more grand Killing Time missions where the Squad is battling an increasingly frantic horde of Brainiac’s enemies, and they have to keep killing enemies to fuel the Promethium Shield because once it goes down, there’s no hiding from the Skull Ship’s tentacles.”

With increased difficulty, players will receive some “quite frankly insane Infamy Sets and Notorious items earned from the highest tiers of End Game. That, paired with global leaderboards for solo, 2-player, 3-player and 4-player groups, means that there’s plenty of friendly competition to go around…And if you want some tips on how to build your character, the leaderboards will be a good place to scout around.”

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League launches on February 2nd for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. Deluxe Edition owners get early access on January 31st, along with other bonuses. Head here for more details. You can also check out the PC requirements here.

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