Fallout 4 Update Goes Live on May 13th, Adds “New Options for Graphics and Performance”

Fallout 4 - USS Constitution

Fallout 4’s Next-Gen Update arrived last month to much fanfare and hype, especially following the success of Amazon’s TV show. It wasn’t without issues, whether it’s the UI not scaling with Ultrawide displays, breaking mods or oddly targeting 60 FPS in all modes on Xbox Series X.

Bethesda has since announced a new update for May 13th, including “new options for graphics and performance settings as well as further fixes and improvements.” It’s unclear whether this will address the current issues, so stay tuned for when the patch notes go live tomorrow.

Despite the Next-Gen Update’s problematic launch, Fallout 4 is enjoying renewed success, whether it’s a boost to peak concurrent player numbers on Steam (125,344 in the last 24 hours) or increased sales in the UK. You can check out our review for how the game plays in 2024 following all its updates and expansions and the PS5 version’s performance.

Alternatively, head here for our thoughts on how Fallout 5 (which Microsoft is reportedly looking to fast-track) could improve on its predecessor.

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