The Pokemon Company is Working on Addressing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Criticism with Future Releases – Rumour

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The Pokemon franchise has never really been known for coming anywhere close to pushing the envelope with its technical accomplishments, but recent years in particular have seen a number of the series’ mainline instalments being let down by the poor technical state they have launched in, from Pokmon Sword and Shield to Pokemon Legends: Arceus to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The latter in particular launched in such poor condition that Nintendo was forced to issue a public apology.

Many have assumed that we’re unlikely to see any significant improvements from Pokemon’s technical side of things anytime soon, not least because none of those issues have had any impact on how the games sell, with Sword and Shield having sold over 26 million units, and Scarlet and Violet currently at 23.2 million copies sold. According to journalist Andy Robinson of VGC, however, that’s not the case.

Taking to Twitter, Robinson recently claimed that based on what he has heard, The Pokemon Company hasn’t glossed over the criticism Pokemon Scarlet and Violet received, and that it’s working to address the same with future releases.

“From what I’ve heard, TPC has taken the response to S/V seriously and is acting on it for future production.,” he wrote.

In August last year, The Pokemon Company chief operating officer Takato Utsunomiya said that the company has waving internal discussions about how best to balance maintaining a regular cadence of new Pokemon releases while ensuring that they hit higher levels of quality. Read more on that through here.

In our review of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, giving a score of 7/10, we said, “Ugly visuals and an all-around lack of polish detract from what is an incredibly strong, compelling, and well-designed core adventure, one that represents the series’ strongest outing in a very long time otherwise.” Read the full review through here.

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