Sony is Seemingly Working on a PC Adapter for PS VR2

playstation vr2

The PlayStation VR2 has clearly not been the kind of success that Sony may have originally hoped it would be, following which the company has been looking at alternative ways to try and salvage the headset’s position in the market to the extent that it can be salvaged. Interestingly enough, it seems a significant portion of those efforts will be focused on PC support.

As spotted by @SadlyItsBradley on Twitter, Sony recently submitted an official PC adapter for the PlayStation VR2 for certification in Korea. That’s significant, of course, because earlier this year, Sony confirmed that it was looking into enabling official PC compatibility for PS VR2, which would also allow the headset to play PC VR games.

At the time, the company said it was hoping to officially enable PC support for the VR headset before the end of the year. Given the certification for a PC adapter for the device, could the company be gearing up to officially reveal plans for the same in the near future? Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks and months.

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