Venom And Adam Warlock Are Coming To Marvel Rivals, Closed Beta In July

During Sony’s PlayStation State of Play, new gameplay and details were shared for Marvel Rivals. For the uninitiated. Marvel Rivals is a superhero (specifically Marvel superhero) team-based PVP shooter inspired by games like Overwatch. The footage, seen below, reveals Venom and Adam Warlock are coming to the game. The footage also shows a new location – the Tokyo 2099: Spider-Islands map.

Alongside the new gameplay details, the game is now also confirmed to be coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S alongside the previously confirmed PC platform. Developer NetEase is also planning a closed beta for the game in July. PlayStation beta testers will have exclusive access to Spider-Man’s Scarlet Spider cosmetic skin.

[embedded content]

For more on Marvel Rivals, you can see the announcement trailer and the so-far-confirmed roster for the game here.

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