Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection – Update 1 is Available Now on Consoles

Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection screenshot

Aspyr has announced that the first post-launch update for Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection is out now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. Available first on PC, it fixed issues like a crash that could occur in split-screen for Battlefront 1, re-balanced Asajj Ventress’ abilities, implemented fixes for Kit Fisto and more.

The developer also noted that multiplayer on dedicated servers has received “ample changes” behind the scenes, and players could expect “a much better experience across all consoles.” It’s also working on Update 2, with more information coming when it’s ready.

Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection features Pandemic Studios’ first two Star Wars: Battlefront titles, with some new content and online multiplayer. Unfortunately, it faced controversy due to the outright broken online components at launch, with players reporting no aim assist in multiplayer, significant lag and more. Aspyr said that “critical errors” with its network infrastructure were to blame.

If you’re curious about the offline portions of the game, check out our review here.

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