Steam Hits its Highest Ever Concurrent User Count with Over 33.6 Million Users

Steam Logo

To call Steam a massive gaming platform would be just a bit of an understatement- Valve’s platform is synonymous with PC gaming at this point, and even in the presence of competitors, dominates PC year over year. Its growth has only continued, in fact, and just recently, it even hit a notable new milestone.

As spotted by Twitter user @Morwull, as per SteamDB, a little over half an hour ago (at the time of writing), Steam hit its highest ever concurrent user count. In total, 33,675,229 were actively using the platform concurrently, of which 10,635,243 users were in-game.

The fact that Steam is seeing such a massive surge in players right on the heels of its Winter sale is no coincidence. Its last peak concurrent user count came in early January of last year, when it had a peak of over 33 million concurrent users.

Recently, it was also revealed that over 14,000 games were released for Steam across the entirety of 2023. Read more on that through here.

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