Diablo 4 Season 4 Delayed to May 14th, PTR Launches April 2nd

Diablo 4 - Ashava

During its latest Campfire Chat livestream for Diablo 4, Blizzard revealed that its first Public Test Realm for the title would go live on April 2nd for PC players. Servers will be available until April 9th for North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Korea/Japan, and Australia, allowing players to try out the long-awaited loot overhaul.

However, since the PTR would clash with the original starting date with Season 4, giving the team less time to iterate on feedback, the season is now delayed. Season of the Construct now concludes on May 14th, with the new season starting on the same day.

As community lead Adam Fletcher explained (transcription via PC Gamer), “We’re pushing it back a few weeks to ensure that we get all the feedback from this PTR, and we apply it to Season 4 to make sure that all these new system changes that we’re doing are right and work for the community based off of everyone’s feedback.”

PC players can only access the PTR through BattleNet, and a new forum will be available to compile feedback. Options for boosting characters to level 100, having full campaign completion, instantly unlocking all Skill Points, Paragon Points and Paragon Glyphs while receiving 100,000 Gold and 1000 Obols will also be available.

Legendary drop rates are doubled while each boosted character gets 860 Power Rare gear, but the Codex of Power isn’t fully unlocked. Blizzard is also planning a Public Test Realm for Season 5, though it’s not guaranteed for all future seasons. In the meantime, stay tuned for more details on Season 4 in the coming weeks.

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