The First Descendant Guide – All Recommended Modules

The First Descendant - Weapon Modules

Nexon’s free-to-play looter shooter The First Descendant has plenty of strong weapons and playable characters, but they’re only as good as their Modules. Here are some of the best Modules to equip in almost every situation throughout the game.

All Recommended Modules

Increased HP and Increased DEF

As you venture deeper into the story, some hard-hitting shots will come your way, so it’s always good to have more health and defense. For some Descendants, like Bunny, it allows her to run around and stay alive for much longer.

Melee Sub-Modules

The melee sub-modules include Tonfa, Shortsword and whatnot, which modify your charged melee attack. However, they have another use – increasing your overall capacity. Keep upgrading them, and you can have a higher total mod capacity, which means more mods. If possible, try to change the socket to match the melee sub-modules to cut their cost in half for additional room.

Resistance Modules

Though good when dealing with some bosses, Resistance Modules like Electric Antibody, Cold Antibody, Heat Antibody and Toxic Antibody are essential against the Colossus. You can check the recommended resistance when fighting them, but meet that, and their damage is heavily mitigated.

Skill Extension

Skill Extension is handy for Descendants like Blair, Bunny and Sharen, who need more skill duration. If you want Bunny to have more uptime on her electric aura or for Sharen to remain in stealth longer, Skill Extension is necessary.

Rifling Reinforcement

Coming to the weapons, Rifling Reinforcement is incredibly straightforward. It straight up provides a percentage increase to your weapon’s damage. Easy to procure but providing invaluable benefits, this should be standard on many firearms while leveling up.


A rare Module, it raises your firearm attack and critical hit rate simultaneously, which is ideal. Though somewhat more challenging to procure, it stacks alongside Rifling Reinforcement for additional firearm attack.

Concentrate Support Ammo

This is worth looking at to increase the critical damage dealt by a weapon. As a rare Module, it also increases the number of rounds in a magazine, which means additional DPS.

Rapid Fire Insight

Fire rate is one of the more underrated stats in the game, but its principle is sound. The faster your rounds fire, the more damage you can pump out per second. Rapid Fire Insight is recommended in that respect because it also increases the critical hit rate for your firearm.

Focus Fire

Another rare Module, Focus Fire increases the weak point damage dealt alongside your firearm’s critical hit damage. It’s potent against Colossus, who have breakable parts, making it much quicker to grapple onto the same to stun them and take down their shield.

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