Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League – Joker-Themed Area Teased in New Concept Art

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League_03

Rocksteady has offered extensive new details on the end-game for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League in a new Discord Q&A. Players will earn higher tier Infamy Sets and Notorious Weapons, battle Brainiac in Incursions Missions, and much more while mastering each character’s abilities.

Post-launch, the team has confirmed new playable characters and areas. Following the Q&A’s conclusion, the developer shared concept art for a new area themed around The Joker. Called “The Daily Chuckle” (seemingly a play on The Daily Planet in Metropolis), there are also some newspapers on the side of the building with The Joker’s appearance.

The location could be on the city’s outskirts, but with how the Batman: Arkham series played out, you have to wonder what The Joker’s role will be. Perhaps it’s an impostor taking up his mantle? Time will tell, so stay tuned.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League launches on February 2nd. Rumors indicate that later seasons will return to Arkham and Gotham City. Head here for more details, though beware of potential spoilers.

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