Ultros Gets a New Trailer Showcasing Combat and Art


Developer Hadoque has released a new trailer for its psychedelic side-scrolling action platformer Ultros. The trailer, dubbed the Himsa Ahimsa Escalation Trailer, showcases the upcoming game’s fast-paced combat, while also giving us a brief glimpse at its story.

As is the case with any trailer for Ultros, however, the game’s unique art style is on full display. The trailer features several slow-panning shots of various scenes and levels from the game, showcasing the colourful, psychedelic art style in full force.

Ultros is slated for release on February 13, and will be coming to PC, PS4 and PS5. The release date for the game was announced with its own trailer back in December. The game is set to feature fast-paced combat and will have players bursting out combos with melee weapons as they dodge and jump their way out of enemy attacks.

The developer has described the combat in Ultros as brutal and driven by a sense of urgency. Ultros will also feature a gardening system, and players will have to try and tend and cultivate greenery in the game’s world of The Sarcophagus.

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