Monster Hunter Series Tops 97 Million Units Sold

monster hunter world

The Monster Hunter franchise has turned into one of Capcom’s biggest and most successful properties in recent years, while also enjoying sustained sales over prolonged periods. Unsurprisingly, the series continued to move a solid amount of copies in Q3 of fiscal year 2023/24 (October-December).

In its recently published report for the quarter, Capcom revealed that the Monster Hunter series has collectively sold 97 million units worldwide as of December 31. That’s up 2 million from the end of the preceding quarter, at which point it stood at 95 million units sold.

Recently, the company revealed that Monster Hunter World has sold 19.1 million units, though that number goes up to 24.1 million units when counting Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition. Iceborne alone stands at 11.6 million units sold. Meanwhile, Monster Hunter Rise has climbed to 14.2 million units sold, while its expansion, Sunbreak, has hit 7.1 million units.

In December, Capcom announced the series’ next mainline instalment, Monster Hunter Wilds, which is set to launch sometime in 2025. Shortly after its announcement, Montser Hunter World saw a resurgence in player activity, hitting its highest concurrent player count on Steam in three years.

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