WWE 2K24 Guide – How To Win An Ambulance Match

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The Ambulance Match is a new match type with WWE 2K24. It involves throwing your opponent into a real ambulance ringside and shutting the doors on them. Pins, submissions, count-outs, DQs – everything else is irrelevant.

Of course, it’s easier said than done since they’ll fight you at every turn. Here’s how to win an Ambulance Match.

How to Win an Ambulance Match

The first step is to be outside the ring with your opponent and near the ambulance doors. Press L1/LT when near to open them, Circle/B to grapple your opponent and L1/LT to start pushing them inside. Pres L1/LT to start a mini-game for pushing them inside. Do this twice to close the doors and win the match.

However, there’s no point attempting all this without severely weakening your opponent. The more damage they take, the easier it is to finish the mini-game. You could use weapons to deal damage or toss them on the floor outside the ring for significant hurt.

Using the Ambulance as a Weapon

Alternatively, grapple an opponent and move them towards the ambulance doors. Press L1/LB and then Square/X to hit them with the doors. You can also throw them off the ambulance. First, press Circle/B and then R1/RB to carry them. When near the back, press the corresponding button.

If you’re confident, go towards the ambulance’s side ladders and press R1/RB to climb it and dive off onto your opponent. It can backfire if you miss, so be warned.

WWE 2K24 is out now for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and PC.

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