Animal Well is Out Now on PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch

animal well

Billy Basso’s Animal Well, a bizarre 2D Metroidvania title, is available for PS5 (including via PlayStation Plus Extra), PC and Nintendo Switch. It sees players exploring the titular world, spelunking through caves and uncovering its many secrets. Check out the launch trailer below for some teases of what to expect.

Boasting nonlinear exploration, Animal Well lets you collect items in your preferred order. The latter can be used in different ways, which makes for some interesting interactions with enemies and the environment. Since you’re not super-powerful, ingenuity will be the key to survival.

Interestingly, the developer touts that the main game is “just the beginning” and that there are years of secrets to discover. Thus far, Animal Well has accrued a Metascore of 91 from 18 critical reviews, indicating universal acclaim. Many praise the sheer range of secrets and surprises alongside the visual details. An Xbox Series X/S version hasn’t been announced, so stay tuned for updates.

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