Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition is Out Now

Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition

Ubisoft’s remaster of the underrated Beyond Good and Evil is now available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Check out the launch trailer below to see it in action.

Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition offers several new features and options to go with the critically acclaimed plot and gameplay. There are now auto-saves, a speedrun mode, an option to skip the cutscenes, remappable controls, keyboard and mouse support, updated Achievements and Trophies and even cross-save support. It also improves the presentation with 4K and 60 FPS support, not to mention a reorchestrated soundtrack.

Long-time fans can also look forward to development videos and details from behind the scenes that haven’t been unveiled till now. If that weren’t enough, it also features a new mission – a treasure hunt – that links to Beyond Good and Evil 2 (which Ubisoft affirmed is still in development since its re-announcement in 2017).

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