Alan Wake is Now Available in Dead by Daylight

dead by daylight alan wake

Alan Wake is now available as a playable Survivor in asymmetrical multiplayer horror title Dead by Daylight. The new character was released alongside a new trailer which shows off some of his abilities. Check out the Alan Wake Dead by Daylight trailer below.

In terms of the Dead by Daylight storyline, Alan Wake accidentally found himself being swallowed by by The Entity’s realm while he was trying to write his way out of the Dark Place. Wake, finding himself remembering a script about a horrifying place shrouded in fog, was ultimately taken to The Enitity’s realm.

On the gameplay side of things, Alan Wake brings with him three new perks to Dead by Daylight: Champion of Light, Boon: Illumination, and Deadline. Champion of Light allows Wake to blind a killer by using his flashlight. It also passively gives him increased movement speed.

Boon: Illumination creates a Boon Totem, which allows nearby Survivors to spot Generators and Chests across the map thanks to their Auras. The final perk, Deadline, activates when Wake is low on health. It raises the frequency of skill checks while taking various actions in the game, like repairing generators or healing other Survivors, halving the penalty for missed checks.

The arrival of Alan Wake in Dead by Daylight is being accompanied with the release of Tome 18: REVISION, which features new memories for Alan Wake, The Deathslinger, and the House of Arkham. Players will be able to take on new gameplay Challenges to unlock rewards, like Charms, Outfits, and more for different characters.

There will also be a new limited-time Modifier, Lights Out, which will be available from February 7 to February 14. The Lights Out Modifier will make the game much darker, stripping Survivors of several tools they typically use in the course of a Dead by Daylight match.

Dead by Daylight is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

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