Destiny 2: The Final Shape Will Let You Boost Friends to Your Power Level

Destiny 2 The Final Shape - Adjusted Power

Power has inspired much discussion in the Destiny 2 community, and with Bungie experimenting more with not raising the Power limit, many believed The Final Shape would remove it. Instead, the development team is taking several steps to allow more easily playing with friends, regardless of their Power.

The latest “This Week in Destiny“ further discussed Fireteam Power, where the player with the highest Power becomes the Power Leader. Meanwhile, teammates will be raised to five levels below the Leader’s Power. For example, if you’re 2000 Power and your friends who just got back into the game are 1820, they’ll become boosted to 1995 Power.

However, this will only impact the difficulty of the activity, as rewards will still scale to your actual Power. This change also motivates higher-level players to sherpa newbies or those at lower Power since Power Leaders gain a Commendation boost when finishing the activity.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape launches on June 4th for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. Stay tuned for more details on how Bungie is modifying Power, and check out various threats from the Dread faction in the meantime.

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