Dead by Daylight Gets New Killer, Survivor, and Map with All Things Wicked Chapter

dead by daylight all things wicked

Developer Behaviour Interactive has announced that multiplayer horror title Dead by Daylight is now kicking off its newest chapter, dubbed All Things Wicked. The new chapter brings with it a new Killer—The Unknown—as well as a new Survivor—Sable Ward—and the Greenville Square as its newest map.

The Unknown is an offense-oriented Killer, with abilities like getting faster as it chases down Survivors through obstacles. It also has the Unforeseen as an ability, as well as the Undone ability, both of which work to disorient Survivors and provide some setbacks in their escape attempts.

The Survivor, Sable Ward, is equipped with the Strength in Shadows and Wicked perks, as well as a book of Invocations, which gives her more awareness over supernatural entities than most regular people.

Along with the two new characters, Dead by Daylight also has exclusive cosmetic items for The Unknown, as well as for Sable Ward. All Things Wicked is available on all versions of the game, including PC and consoles.

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