Skull and Bones Guide – How to Defeat the Sea Monster and Farm Monstrous Tooth

skull and bones

A lot of the currency in Skull and Bones is earned by plundering settlements, destroying enemy ships and completing Takeovers. However, there’s one that requires delivering monster hunting.

Monstrous Tooth is a currency that requires defeating sea monsters. You’ll hear rumors of disappearing ships and then go to the Lanitra outpost in the Western Basin to learn more. Speak to the Sea People Huntmaster to pick up the “From the Deep” Contract and follow the waypoint.

How to Defeat the Sea Monster

Upon arriving, the sea monster, Kuharibu, will emerge and destroy a smaller ship. Don’t let the Contract rank fool you – this can be somewhat of a challenge. It likes to stay underwater, charge towards you, and emerge for a tackle, which can reduce max HP slightly. Having ships with strong defenses like the Snow and Brigantine will help, especially the former for its Brace capacity.

The Demicannon is best for up-close damage, while the Fire Bombard and Long Gun are ideal for striking it at range. Keep Repair Kits handy, but also Restoration Kits in case of the Flooding status.

Once the sea monster is defeated, you’ll receive its eye. Loot its remains to pick up Monstrous Flesh and Monstrous Tooth, then return to the Huntmaster to complete the Contract.

How to Farm Monstrous Tooth

Certain cosmetics and blueprints for equipment, including the best hull armor in the game, Ouroboros, can be purchased only with Monstrous Tooth. How do you farm them after killing Kuharibu once?

Unfortunately, the Contract is available again daily, so you must keep logging in and completing it to gain Monstrous Tooth. With three drops per kill, it should take about 18 days to finally unlock the Ouroboros blueprint and have the materials necessary to craft it.

Skull and Bones is available for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. Stay tuned for more details and updates on it in the coming days.

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