Diablo 4’s Gauntlet and Leaderboards Go Live on March 5th

Diablo 4 - Gauntlet

After initially facing a delay, Diablo 4’s long-awaited Gauntlet and Leaderboards will go live on March 5th as part of Season of the Construct. As a weekly fixed dungeon, players compete to earn the highest scores, with separate Leaderboards for different classes, parties, and Standard and Hardcore players.

The Gauntlet is available after you gain access to World Tier 4 in Gea Kul. Monsters are higher than level 100, and players have eight minutes to earn a high score, displayed as Proofs of Might. Pillars help in that regard by either adding score multipliers or respawning enemies to kill again. You can also activate Shrines from dead bosses to boost your power further.

While respawning is available upon death, and though a third of your score is reduced, you can return to your death site and recover the Proofs of Might. Higher scores lead to higher ranks, which bestow four different Seal – Seal of the Blooded, Seal of the Steadfast, Seal of the Iron-Willed and Seal of the Worthy.

Each run in the Gauntlet bestows a Minor Cache, and based on your score, you earn Caches of Trials with a guaranteed Ancient Legendary (which scales depending on your rank). If you earn the Seal of the Worthy, these caches drop 925 Power items.

Those who reach the Top 100 on any Ladder of the Leaderboards can earn a Conqueror’s Crest Mount Trophy. Reaching the top 10 on any Leaderboard will see the player’s name and character permanently inscribed in the Hall of the Ancients. A new Gauntlet is available weekly at 10:15 AM PST on Tuesday.

Stay tuned for more details when the mode goes live. Diablo 4 is available for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, PS4, PC and Xbox One. It’s also coming to Game Pass on March 28th for PC and Xbox platforms, though it won’t be accessible to Xbox Game Pass Core subscribers.

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