Destiny 2: Into the Light Adds Raid Boss Gauntlet on April 30th

Destiny 2 - The Root of Nightmares

If three new Crucible maps and returning Exotic missions weren’t enough, Destiny 2: Into the Light will also introduce a new mode called Pantheon. Launching on April 30th, it’s a raid boss gauntlet. A weekly challenge will also be available for the mode, offering “escalating” difficulties and rewards.

There will be more details in the coming weeks, but Bungie noted in its latest developer livestream that this is a way to earn any missing Exotics, Emblems and Adept Weapons. How it plays out and which bosses players can prepare to face has yet to be confirmed.

Destiny 2: Into the Light goes live on April 9th, adding the Horde Mode-style Onslaught, 12 BRAVE weapons based on previously released guns (all earnable by April 30th), and a new social space, the Hall of Champions. As for The Final Shape, a new gameplay preview goes live on the same day, so stay tuned for updates before its release on June 4th.

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