Exoprimal x Mega Man Collaboration Trailer Showcases Yellow Devil Boss Fight

Exoprimal x Mega Man

Exoprimal’s next Title Update is out this month and features a collaboration with another legendary Capcom franchise – Mega Man. A new gameplay trailer showcases more of the Mega Man and Air Man skins for Nimbus and Witchdoctor. Check it out below.

Both skins are cosmetic and don’t change the gameplay of either Exosuit. However, you can get an animation mirroring the classic death effect from the Mega Man series. The new boss fight, Yellow Devil, also receives some new gameplay.

Not only does it split its body into smaller cubes, which require jumping over and dodging, but it can split into multiple copies, fire a powerful laser and transform into a giant cube for a big area-of-effect attack. Players seemingly finish it with a Drill Fist in a cinematic sequence and gain a Yellow Devil skin for Krieger.

The trailer also showcases the new Beta variant Exosuits for Zephyr (Boost Claws), Vigilant (Bowhunter), Krieger (Blitz Cannon), Murasame (Windcaller), Witchdoctor (Plasma Shot) and Nimbus (Wild Bomb). Title Update 4 launches on April 17th, adding Custom Match mode, Quick Brawl, and Time Loop Rebellion, a 10-player co-op mode. Stay tuned for more details when it goes live.

Exoprimal is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC. Check out our review of the base game.

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