Sea of Thieves – Rare is “Exploring the Return of Six-Ship Servers”

As a multiplayer-centric game, Sea of Thieves is going to benefit massively from its PS5 launch and the influx of new players that will go hand-in-hand with. In fact, developer Rare has already touched on at least one specific way that could eventually happen in the future.

Ahead of Sea of Thieves’ PS5 release, the developer recently published an FAQ, where in response to one question, it revealed that with the multiplayer pirate game set to introduce a larger pool of players soon, it’s considering bringing back six-ship servers.

“The team are currently exploring the return of six-ship servers and will update players accordingly,” Rare wrote.

Sea of Thieves’ servers are ordinarily capped at five ships, though Rare has in the past tried to implement six-ship servers. That change failed to stick previously, but six-ship servers are something that many in the community have hoped to see the return of. Whether a larger player base in the wake of the game’s PS5 release will help pave the way for that remains to be seen, but it’s certainly encouraging that that’s something that Rare is considering.

Previously, Rare also revealed that though Sea of Thieves will obviously support cross-platform multiplayer, those who wish to disable it on PS5 will be able to opt into PlayStation-specific servers.

Meanwhile, Rare also confirmed in the FAQ that Sea of Thieves will be playable on the PlayStation Portal, but that there are no current plans to add PS VR2 support.

Sea of Thieves launches for PS5 on April 30, with a closed beta going live on April 12.

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