SaGa Emerald Beyond Developer Has No Plans for DLC

SaGa Emerald Beyond - Tsunanori Mido

Square Enix’s SaGa Emerald Beyond launched last week as the first mainline sequel in the cult-classic franchise since 2016’s SaGa: Scarlet Grace. Unfortunately, this may be all fans get for the time being. In a new Steam Community post, the developer said there aren’t any plans for DLC.

“We don’t have any plans for DLC – but rest assured, there’s already plenty of content in SaGa Emerald Beyond.” It revealed in an earlier point that based on your starting protagonist, it can take around ten hours to reach the first ending. However, due to the many branching points, players will “never experience exactly the same thing twice,” resulting in different stories and endings.

Whether this results in “infinite” playtime or similar playthroughs with slightly different permutations remains to be seen. As such, this isn’t the end of SaGa by a long shot, with a potential remaster of SaGa Frontier 2 in the works. Series creator Akitoshi Kawazu celebrated the title’s 25th anniversary recently and while not announcing a remaster, he did ask fans to “please wait a little longer for that.”

“Honestly though, you won’t be disappointed if you wait, so you can rest assured. Please be patient.” Time will tell if an announcement comes later this year, so stay tuned.

SaGa Emerald Beyond is available for PS4, PS5, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch. Head here to learn more about the free demo.

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