Final Fantasy 10 Series Has Collectively Sold Nearly 21 Million Units

Final Fantasy 10

Final Fantasy is a series that keeps on growing and changing, sometimes for the better and sometimes not, but its thanks to that very ever-changing nature that even the older games of the series never really feel like they’ve been made redundant. There’s always an audience out there that’s willing to go back to the series’ earlier instalments.

Case in point, Final Fantasy 10 is continue to enjoy success. In fact, the entire Final Fantasy 10 series – which includes Final Fantasy 10, Final Fantasy 10-2, and the HD remaster collection that includes both – has now collectively sold over 20.8 million units worldwide. Square Enix has confirmed that figure to Gematsu, revealing that the games have sold an additional 6.8 million units since their collective sales were reported at 14 million units back in 2013. It’s highly likely that those sales have mostly (if not entirely) come from the remasters.

Meanwhile, there’s plenty of upcoming Final Fantasy releases to look forward to as well. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion launches this Winter, with Final Fantasy 16 coming in Summer 2023, and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth launching in Winter next year.

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