Helldivers 2 Developer is Working on “Some Real Cool Stuff”

helldivers 2

With Helldivers 2 turned out to be a far bigger success than anyone could have anticipated, Sony and Arrowhead Game Studios have been working on addressing the many technical and server-related issues the game has faced since release due to overcrowded servers, but it seems things on that front are beginning to come under control.

Taking to Twitter, Arrowhead Game Studios CEO Johan Pilestedt revealed that this was the first weekend since Helldivers 2’s launch where its servers “handled all players without problem”. Interestingly, Pilestedt says that the next step for Arrowhead is to get back to working on post-launch plans for the game, now that the situations with the servers seems to be stabilizing.

“Now we have time to focus on improvements to the title and resuming our original plan,” he wrote. “Many exciting things upcoming!”

In a separate tweet, Pilestedt added that work related to servers is “just optimizations at this point”, thanks to “some great support from top Sony backend engineers”. The team at Arrowhead, meanwhile, is “working on some real cool stuff.”

As for what Helldivers 2’s post-launch plans will entail, that remains to be seen. Prior to the game’s release, Arrowhead said it would be adding new enemies, biomes, objectives, and story content with free updates, though in the wake of the game’s unexpected success, the studio is looking to “accelerate and beef up” its plans.

Meanwhile, Pilestedt has said that cross-progression is something that Arrowhead will “probably” look to add in the future. On the other hand, you probably shouldn’t hold your breath for PvP to be added in.

Helldivers 2 is available on PS5 and PC. Read our review of the game through here.

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